Artefact Dataset

Dataset description

The Artefact dataset contains 22 Whole-Slide Images, with H&E or IHC staining, showing various types and levels of defect to the slides. Of the 22 slides, 20 came from the same tissue block (Block A). One came from another block (Block B) with the same IHC marker evidenced on a different tissue type, and one from a third block (Block C) with another marker and tissue type, as detailed in the table below:

BlockStainTissue type
Block A (20 slides)10 H&E + 10 IHC (anti-pan-cytokeratin)Colorectal cancer
Block B (1 slide)IHC (anti-pan-cytokeratin)Gastroesophageal junction lesion
Block C (1 slide)IHC (anti-NR2F2)Mouth cancer

The dataset will be made available for download after publication of the related journal paper.

The dataset is released under the Creative Commons BY-NC 4.0 license (attribution, non-commercial use only).