A new project

Adrien Foucart, PhD in biomedical engineering.

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My PhD thesis is, finally, done.

This means some changes: for my career and, by extension, for this research blog. This post is therefore going to be way more “personal blog” than usual.

My new job

Until the end of October, I was a teaching assistant and a PhD student. I am now moving on as a post-doctoral researcher. I am, however, staying at the Université Libre de Bruxelles, and in the LISA laboratory.

I will be working on the ProTherWal project: “Proton Therapy Research in Wallonia”. This is a big research project involving different french-speaking universities in Belgium. My job as a postdoctoral researcher in particular will be related to image analysis aspects. The focus will be on combining information coming from different image modalities: CT, PET, MRI, and histopathology.

There are some obvious links with what I’ve been doing before, but still a fairly significant change, and a good opportunity to learn new things.

What’s next for this blog?

I originally intended for this research blog to be a way to communicate on my PhD research. I haven’t really updated it quite as much as I would have liked to during the thesis, but I’m still mostly happy with what I’ve written here.

I’d like to continue to use this channel. I’d like, however, to use it slightly differently.

First, I think it’d be interesting to give a bit more space to the process of research. As I’m starting a new project, it’s a good opportunity to talk about how I go about organizing things, reading the state-of-the-art, etc. As always, the process of writing things down for this blog is largely intended as a useful exercise for me, which may be helpful to others as a byproduct. I think I’d like to update the blog more often, with generally shorter posts.

Second, I’ll probably also move a bit more often into the realm of opinions, as I’ve done in my “Is AI on the wrong path” post. There are many conversations to be had on the use of AI in medical imaging, and I hope that this blog can contribute (with a limited impact for sure) to these conversations.

You want to know when I publish something?

That’s very nice of you, thank you :)

I’ve now added an RSS feed, as the recent Twitter apocalypse has clearly renewed my interest in not depending on a particular social media for promoting what I write. I’ll also generally publish links to blog posts on my LinkedIn. As long as I remain on Twitter, which may not be very long, I am still there @adfoucart. I’m now trying out Mastodon as well, so it’s another way to find me @AFoucart@social.sciences.re.

Finally, if you want to get updates by email, I’ve setup a substack newsletter: https://adfoucart.substack.com. The goal is to send at most one email per month if I published something on the blog in the meantime.